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    The safety of our guests and employees is something we take very seriously. Therefore, all visitors to the Consulate must state the purpose of their visit, produce a proof of identity and undergo a security check. We recommend that you bring as few items with you as possible as all bags, purses, backpacks and suitcases will be opened and searched.


    At the entrance to the Visitors’ area, you will be asked to switch off your cell phone and all other electronic devices.


    The following items must not be brought to the Consulate:


    • Firearms, gas or melee weapons (knives, penknives, etc.).
    • Explosives or pyrotechnic materials.
    • Flammable substances or other harmful substances.
    • Sharp objects (screwdrivers, scissors, files, etc.).

    The Consulate does not have any facilities to store these items.


    No animals are allowed in the building except for guide or service dogs.


    Due to security issues and to provide efficient services, comfort and privacy of Consulate visitors, all visas, passport and other legal matters applicants are requested to refrain from the following:


    • Using cell phones and other electronic devices.
    • Recording footage and sound.
    • Eating and drinking (except for the water available for visitors, feeding babies and cases of medical necessity).
    • Disturbing other Consulate visitors.

    Consulate Security and Contact Service in charge of enforcing those rules may refuse to let you enter the Consulate or demand that you leave the premises if you violate those rules, pose danger to visitors or employees, violate the dignity of the office or violate a public order. Consulate premises are CCTV monitored.


    Please remember that all visits concerning legal, citizenship, visa and passport issues (except for cases requiring Consular assistance or cases such as issuing documents to transport a body/ashes, acknowledgment of signature, certifying a copy a document copy or collecting a passport or visa) must be first registered on If you have any doubts whether a visit is necessary, please contact a competent Consulate Department. When you come to a pre-arranged visit, we ask you to be on time.


    Visitors invited to cultural events held at the Consulate are asked to have their proof of identity ready and to help the security staff to avoid delays and conduct the security check smoothly.

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