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  • Individuals who do not have valid documents proving their Polish citizenship (a Polish passport or ID) or whose personal data and citizenship cannot be ascertained may apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship.


    The decision regarding confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss is issued by a Provincial Governor (wojewoda). A foreigner living outside Poland may submit a request through a Polish Consul, within the proper Consular District. A decision issued by the Provincial Governor is forwarded to the applicant through the person residing in Poland authorized by the applicant to receive correspondence from the Provincial Governor (Pełnomocnik do doręczeń).


    In the procedure of the confirmation or the loss of Polish citizenship, the provisions of the Code of Administrative Proceedings are applied.


    Required documents

    Application forms should be submitted in Polish, dated and signed.

    Original documents should be presented at the Consulate. The documents will be copied and certified at the Consulate.


    Foreign documents should be translated into Polish and the translation should be certified by a Consul.

    The applicant should submit the following documents:

    • application to the Provincial Governor for the confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss, providing personal data, ancestors of the 1st and 2nd generation, and any information essential to determinate the factual and legal status ( Appendix 1);
    • documents confirming the data provided in the application, e.g.: applicant's birth certificate with parents' names, documents confirming Polish citizenship of parents or grandparents of the applicant (their Polish passports or IDs), marriage certificate of applicant's parents, applicant's marriage certificate or other document proving applicant's civil status, previous Polish passports held by the applicant, military documents held by the applicant or his/her ancestors, a certificate of the official name change (if applicable), Certificate of Naturalization or other document proving foreign citizenship, etc.
    • name and address of the person in Poland, authorized by the applicant to receive correspondence from the Provincial Government (optional - Appendix 2)
    The Consulate and the Provincial Governor Office may require additional documents and/or an interview with the applicant.

    One can search for documents in vital records offices (urzędy stanu cywilnego) and archives. In case of problems with locating documents, one can address to the Head Office of the State Archives, the Central Unit of the Archival Information (00-950 Warsaw, ul. Długa 6, skr. poczt. 1005, Poland).

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